A Louisiana Fairytale

A long delay and post in the works, here’s a long awaited post about NOLA, Louisiana

Over my spring break, I ventured down south to Naw’leans, the land of Po’boys, crawfish, bananas foster, and jazz. I felt like the French Quarter was a small country within the United States.
The balcony’s looking over the colorful streets, the many versions of jazz displaced throughout street corners and the smells of French, Cajun and Seafood restaurants emitting aromatic odors through the streets.

Reading through Buzzfeed and Spoon University articles about where to eat, it was nearly impossible to hit everything on my bucket list in 3 days.

Here are some highlights and recommendations for anyone traveling to New Orleans from my own eyes, ears and mouth:

441 - Copy

Along Bourboun Street, Mule Drawn carriages give tours around the French Quarter.


Balconies vary through detail and the colors of the buildings are big and bold.


A signature drink served with crushed ice, mint leaves &bourbon.


Houses aren’t strictly brick. They have personality!


A famous sweet treat made with pralines & caramel.


Visit a plantation; this is where they filmed Django Unchained. Additionally, we passed one where they filmed 12 Years a Slave (below).


This, is Oak Alley Plantation. 594.JPG


Order a boat of these guys; sprinkled in “slap your mama” seasoning makes for a great appetizer. (French Market Restaurant).


The obligatory pit stop for beignets and coffee (cafe au lait). These fried pillows are topped with more powdered sugar than you need, but they’re absolutely delicious (Cafe Du Monde).


A quaint and underrated apothacary  museum, a must see in my book. The pharmacy museum hides a cute little courtyard as well as preserves surgical tools, ointments, medications and elixers from hundreds of years ago. It’s only $5 !



Brennan’s is home of the Bananas Foster dessert; prepared right beside your table, they mix brown sugar, butter, banana liquor and rum in a sauce pan, throw in some bananas and boom. food porn.  I suggest (if you’re not lactose intolerant like myself) opt for the vanilla ice cream for a hot and cold dessert 😉



Can you take the heat? Go to Pepper Palace for seasonings, dipping sauces, hot sauces and dry rubs.

10325765_10208050678852017_8392377990351552625_n (1)


104.JPGHotel Monteleone houses the famous carousel bar. Grab a drink (French 007 was my choice). It actually spins very slowly so it’s not entirely the alcohol making you dizzy!


If you have some time in the evening, check out a great Jazz concert in a small intimate space. If you get tickets before, your line will be a shorter wait; the standby line usually depends on how much space is in the venue, so lining up about an hour and a half-2 hours before your preferred show is the way to do it.


 If you’re a fan of live music, you can find this almost everywhere. Many bars offer different styles of jazz, rock and soul down and around Bourbon Street. One that particularly caught my eye was on a street corner surrounded by a huge audience. Consisting of tap dancers and roughly 11 musicians, the Speakeasy Jazz Cats were the best ending to a great 3 days in New Orleans. Through every musicians solo, and a small but mighty vocalist, their souls were pure and their passions strong through the music they portrayed. Being a tap dancer and clarinet player myself, I was giddy with pride as I saw two and two together beautifully working together.




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