Whats been in my belly ?!

Hey guys!
I’ve tasted some pretty incredible things lately and I want to tell you all about it.
Sweet to savory, everything listed here is in Downtown Manhattan.

A lot of people thing the hype of NYC is midtown and underestimate the essence and offerings that downtown has. There are so many eclectic neighborhoods and eats that you can spend the entire rest of your life eating through 14th street and under.

Without further ado, I’ll start with teatime at La Duree.


La Duree is a luxurious French bakery housing some incredibly tasty pastries and macarons, (thats with ONE “O” not two. TWO would make it a coconut dessert). Though a bit on the costly side, it is most definitely a splurge on dessert, but for some of the finest exquisite flavors to make your tastebuds sing and take you on a journey to France, it’s totally worth a trip.

Located in SOHO, I met up with my roommate from sophomore year and we caught up over some tea and dessert. Being a tea fanatic, their extensive selection of tea overwhelmed me causing me to take 15-20 minutes to decide on the right blend. I asked about their daily selection of macarons and ended up ordering lemon, chestnut, rose and frosted mint. A selection of 4 ran for $11 and a pot of tea ran for $7 but man oh man, it was divine.

Located at:                                 398 W Broadway


If you can’t afford a cruise to the Greek Islands, look no further than the Lower East Side, at 116 Stanton Street exactly. Transport yourself to the island of Mykanos in the middle of the LES. Modeled after the pasty white and blue Cyclade island, Souvlaki GR, offers some of the finest tastes of Greece without leaving the country. Their exterior is welcoming and right as you enter, you hear the musical sounds of a Lyra and a Bouzouki playing throughout the cafe. The walls are painted white with electric blue tables, and a string of pink flowers along the ceiling top while the floor is pebbled with white and black stone. I had to refrain from ordering the whole menu as the restaurant made me reminiscent of my study abroad adventures this past summer. I ordered a chicken souvlaki, a pita wrapped with chicken on a stick (without the stick of course) french fries, tomato, onion and the best, TZAZIKI. Biting into it, I reminesced about the clear blue waters, beautiful people, the waterfront of Little Venice, the windmills and the pristine white finished homes and storefronts. IMG_0639



Last order of business here,

Because it was still January, and though my birthday was early on in the month, it’s safe to say the whole month was my birthday month. As for a late celebration with my 2 best girlfriends, one of them a blogger, check her out! (https://thegeekytraveler.wordpress.com/)  went out to a recommended bar called the Mulberry Project. Located in Little Italy, it is a small underground mixology bar and restaurant only recognizable by a red door and light above it. Sounds sketchy, I know. But let me tell you, it holds some treasures such as I will explain.

They offer prefixed cocktails but they’re known for creating their own cocktails based on the customers taste. I settled with a mojito as I’m not the most ambitious and like to stick to what I know.

ok FOOD. So, offering a small amount of menu items, we shared 3 plates:

Whipped Ricotta on bread, Apple salad (arugula, walnuts & lemon ginger dressing), and french fries. THE FRIES, man, they deserve a descriptive post just about them. Sprinkled with a red wine vinegar seasoning and some mystery spices,  these were the best fries I’ve ever had.



There was only one dessert offered on their menu which was cinnamon sugar doughnuts with a salted caramel dipping sauce (DROOLS ALL OVER AGAIN)





If you end up going to the places, let me know your feedback! Happy eating  🙂




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