Grease Lightninggg

So who streamed Grease Live last night?

Just a couple of thoughts:

Vanessa Hudgens is a trooper, a star and a flawless one at that?

download (4)


Carly Rae Jepsen’s song was basically like adding this into Les Miserables?


ENJOLRAS! (got left back a bit too many years huh)


Gabriella Montez made a surprise appearance singing about boys while leaning against a locker yet again but with a whole new hair-do

Julianne Hough; need I say more? My favorite is when she drops a Dancing with the Stars related line about watching amateurs dance on live television, golden.

What a triple threat, if we could all be so perfect as you doll.



Oh, and did anyone fall in love with Doody?hjhgjj


Those quick changes, the set designs and rapid changes, well. done FOX!




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