Winter Blues

As temperature drops, clothing layers add on, holiday decorations are put up and I sitting dissatisfied with my head in 6001 different directions and my fingers pushing through typing away numerous review sheets, essays and applications in the midst of the semester ending, I can’t help but reflect back on warmer weather and brighter times this past summer abroad.

I look back when I woke up every morning and heard the small little bird once again stuck in the tubes in our kitchen. I sat outside on the apartment deck overlooking the mountains. I counted euros and wondered if I would head to downtown Nicosia once again to walk down the same shops. I looked forward to attending my two classes as my professors were intriguing and the classes culturally stimulating. I wondered how many more times I’d be eating tzaziki dip and thought my blood type would be dill by now.

The days were longer as the sun only went down at 9 PM as opposed to 4:30 PM.

There was no questions as to what I want to do with my life in those 5 weeks, where am I applying and what are my next steps after graduation but “what outfit should I wear or bathing suit to match the Mediterranean”?

I was immersed in a whole new culture, surrounded by new friends and faces and allowing myself to be whoever I wanted to be in this opportunity. I was flushed with emotion when a nearer and dearer friend came to visit in the midst of the experience abroad.

Everything was new and exciting and I wish I could relive this trip once again right about now with the same people than sitting at a library desk studying unfamiliar jargon to my major.






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