Noshin in New York

Stop your kvetching and be prepared to discover some incredibly heartwarming Jewish Food in New York City.

Within the last three weeks, I’ve checked off a few known names off my bucket list and noshed at Yonah Schimmel Knishes in the Lower East Side to 2nd Avenue Deli  in Midtown to Zucker’s Bagels in TriBeca, You don’t have to be Jewish to try any of these NY staples so let’s make Bubby happy and eat eat eat!

Yonah Schimmel Knishery


What is a knish? A knish is a dough that is baked with a filling, largely consisting of mashed potatoes and sometimes incorporating a vegetable,meat, cheese or fruit. If it is with a fruit, it is typically mixed with something other than potatoes.(Duhh) . The styles of knishes vary across the nation, some having them as small hors d’oeuvre to the size of a pretzel bread bun. Essentially it’s carbs on carbs and  a meal within itself.


(Suggestion: if you’re going to get a knish, get it right and ask for a side of spicy yellow mustard)


2nd Avenue Deli

Home to the finest Jewish culinary creations in New York and after much cruising though my Instagram following food bloggers, this is the place I wanted to hit for a while. Their matzo ball soup was a staple alongside many other creations. The menu is extremely overwhelmingly large and full of sandwiches, meats, shmears and more. Until you decide what you want to order, there is already a plate of slaw and pickles in front of you.

FullSizeRender (12)

Knowing what I came there for, I ordered my soup right away and within 5 minutes, it was in front of me. A snowball sized matzo ball and the works.

FullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (14)

The deli finishes off their meals with a check and an “egg cream”, a popular specialty concoction brought over by Eastern European immigrants of carbonated water and chocolate syrup.

Plot twist, all of this was less than $10.


Zucker’s Bagels


I walked past this bagel shop walking around TriBeca one day and was intrigued by its presence and menu. Read all about their story here : ( It may not be a name we toss around as frequently as Harold’s Deli or Russ & Daughters but it deserves a round of applause and worth a sampling. Known for their shmears, lox, bagels and hand crafted sandwiches, you can’t really go wrong with any choice. I opted for a sandwich: The TriBeca (Havarti cheese, roast turkey, lettuce, tomato, basil mayo atop an everything bagel. YUM.

FullSizeRender (10) FullSizeRender (11)


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