Falling in love with FALL

Fall has sprung upon us ! To me, this season beats the frigid winter and I find myself exclaiming, it’s the most wonderful time of the year a lot more frequently. I have a fetish when it comes to fall: apples, farmers market, the colors, the fashion, the crisp air complimented with the sweet warm sunshine, the treats and the atmosphere.

Spending a chilly Sunday afternoon brunching at my favorite joint with my favorite person, my mom and I enjoyed a lovely brunch at Fresh Salt located in downtown Manhattan at the South Street Seaport.  A cozy little brunch retreat (http://www.freshsalt.com/wp/). Their french toast was something I was craving for a long time and they spiced it up with a side of homemade apple compote (basically a baked apple mulled together with cinnamon and strawberries) YUM while my mom chose a more savory approach, a ham &cheese omelette.


Along the cobblestone streets of the Seaport there were some small farmers market stands; from wine to cookies, pound cake and sausage, everything just tasted better because of the vintage feel of the area and the beautiful season.

One of my favorite little shops, and best kept secrets, is a tiny store called Bowne Printers. (https://southstreetseaportmuseum.org/visit/water-street/bowne-printers/)

I purchase cards for all occasions here as well as posters. The wide variety of old knick knacks will fuel the artist in anyone and want to turn you into a DIY craftsperson. Using  an old fashioned printing press, all stationary and cards are printed in shop for every and all holidays, as well as misc. themes including vintage travel stickers and postcards, animals and nautical just to name a few.

IMG_9149 IMG_9146

Let’s give Hallmark a break and dare to be different. Why not turn back the clock and walk into the late 1800’s craftman’s workshop? While you’re there, check out the other cafe’s and shops lining the streets of South Street Seaport:

Grab a coffee at Jack’s Coffee (particularly the Happy Jack, a honey cinnamon latte)

Enjoy a meal along the line of Smorgasburg food stands

Stop by Lee Lee’s Forest Boutique

Take a stroll by the water and see the beautiful ships and a lovely view of the Brooklyn Bridge

Stay tuned for a post about my favorite fall fashion/makeup coming up:)


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